Monday, September 22, 2008

Woooooooo -- hoooooo!!!!!

It's official: I have arrived.

Friends, I think what this means is that I can spend all the money I have, plus a whole ton that I don't have, on insane "investments." When it doesn't work out, I know the gummint will force you all to bail me out. Because ... I'm too big to fail!

Ah, it's good to be the king.


Serena said...

I enjoyed your article on Lew Rockwell so came over here to take a gander and have bookmarked you.

I like your writing style and humor which seems similar to my thoughts on the state of political and economic affairs -bemused horror.


Thinking Mama said...

It's about d&%$ time, Jim! :)

I LOVE your article. I'm so glad that you finally sent something to Lew.

Whoooooooo -- hoooooo!!!!! indeed!

Jim Wetzel said...

Serena: Thank you for your kind words -- they are appreciated.

Tricia: Thank you so much for your encouragement. I sent that off to Lew Rockwell back about 9/1, and didn't hear anything from him. Based on what you told me, I didn't think he'd just totally ignore a submission -- I figured I'd get a "thanks but no thanks," anyway. So, late last week, I forwarded my original message to him again with "Did you see this," and I got a reply almost instantly, saying that he hadn't. After a quick cycle of revision and proofing, it ran today. He does move quickly.