Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Say NO -- Or Maybe Something a Little Stronger

After listening to NPR during my morning travels, I was going to write yet another lunchtime post about this. But I see where Slacktivist has said it much better than I would have:
When in the course of human events a purportedly democratic official demands that the people give him $700,000,000,000 -- no strings attached, by week's end, or else -- then the duly elected representatives of the people have one and only one responsible response: Say "No."

Better yet, say "Hell no."
There's more; go read it.

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Mimi said...

Yes, yes, the Slacktivist has got it right. Also, see the "A Tiny Revolution" blog, especially the comment by "Mylegacy." Very crude, very rude, but, I'm afraid, very true.