Thursday, September 04, 2008

National Puzzle

I have nothing profound for today. But Will Grigg does.

In his caption, he asks an excellent question:
Where do God and family fit if "Country" -- meaning the government -- comes first? Republican cultists perform on cue at the GOP convention.

Let me recommend the whole piece to you. Mr. Grigg offers an unusually thoughtful and nuanced take on the Palin Phenomenon in the context of Imperial twilight.


Craig said...

An interesting read, thanks.

We were talking about the election today in my "American Presidency" class, and my instructor gave this compelling lecture about the true meaning and place of diversity in our political system. His basic point was that the GOP is actually sort of harmful to democracy because they campaign for the base on base issues. It's a little more complicated than that, but your link sort of resonated some of those same themes I heard earlier today.

lemming said...

Mao had venereal disease. Young women willingly slept with him and if they contracted it, were honored. After all, it was a patriotic duty to the state to sleep with the leader.

Country first.

Jim Wetzel said...

"Country first," indeed.

Anonymous said...


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