Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Das Führerprinzip

I'm tellin' ya, some days I think I'll just replace the entire template of this-here blog with a redirect to IOZ. Other days, he just pisses me right off, so that wouldn't do. But today's one of the "some" days:
The utter crassness and apparent unanimity of the Donk's pivot on the Importance of Experience, now that they have some dummy chick to whale on, is the sort of Soviet touch that makes me suspect our empire may be perne in a gyre, as the poet put it, of greater speed than I'd be otherwise inclined to believe. At first the Experience line was vague, just a thin notion that Palin lacked the requisite CV, that maybe she was a little underqualified, but hey, we'll keep your resume on file for a year and maybe call you if something opens up. Now, however, it has coalesced around the idea that We Live in a Dangerous World. How can this bimbo Keep Us Safe.
There's more. You should go read it.

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