Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Late October Self-Discipline

I did my duty last night.  I mortified the flesh.

I got home late and, as I stood in the kitchen, packing my lunch for today, I turned on the Magic Talking Satan Box (or, as some would say, the television).

There, the flickering phosphors revealed the two-dimensional likenesses of a couple of one-dimensional men.  One is Prexy, and apparently wishes to go on being such; the other desires to displace the first.

I logged approximately five minutes of "debate" time.  During this time, I learned that either Amur'ka "stands with" Israel, in some absolute and unconditional fashion, or that Amur'ka is Israel.  No doubt the distinction is somehow crucial, to the finely-calibrated mind.

I also learned that it's important what you do with your mouth, while your opponent is speaking (but you're still being shown, via split-screen).  What you do is, you assume a  sort of facial rictus that both these blots on the landscape would no doubt call a "smile."  In the one case, it's an entitled sort of smirk; in the other, it's a coprophagous stunt with the lips and teeth that reminds me of the frozen snarl on the mouthparts of the road-killed possum that I got too good a look at while riding my bicycle last weekend.

That was enough.  I have now absolutely fulfilled my obligation to duh-mocracy for 2012.

Monday, October 08, 2012

It's That Time Again!

What ... time for me to write a post?  No need for me to get in a big hurry, I guess -- it hasn't quite been a month since the last one.  I mean it's time for those who love to give their consent to being ruled by tyrants to renew their consent, and urge others to join the flock.  Recently, the local LP has urged this, suggesting that one loses his power to influence the actions of our rulers by neglecting the solemn ritual.  Since I'm sure our daring libertarians would never neglect to vote both early and often, I'm left with a question: how's that working out for you, guys?  Swinging plenty of influence, are you?

Meanwhile, I'm indebted to LewRockwell.com for passing along an amusing image: