Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tuneful Interlude

From William Grigg at Pro Libertate, in turn quoting from Ron Paul's speech at the "Rally For the Republic:"
Aimee Allen sang the song “(The) Universal Soldier” for me because I asked her to do that. It talks really about the essence of decision-making. It talks about should you strike and not participate any longer.

It’s the universal soldier that allows the power-mongers around Washington to exist. It’s always done by getting the young people and making them feel that, if they don’t participate, they’re unpatriotic. I think of the story of the early days of WWI, on Christmas Eve, when the Germans and the British took a break and began singing Christmas carols. And then, on the morrow, the leaders came back and said, “You will go back to killing one another.”

As a young man, as a doctor, I was drafted. There were times that people were starting to resist, but I marched off and I was the Universal Soldier. What we need today is the Universal Champion of Liberty.

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