Thursday, September 04, 2008

Purely-Local Puzzle

Sure, I'll admit it -- I might rubberneck just a little bit as I slowly roll past an overturned tractor-trailer that's spilled an enormous cargo of nasty little Indonesian-made rubber novelties all over the grass on the highway median. And I slide over [link removed -- she must not be proud of her work!] every now and then, too, just to see what's piled up on the shoulder of the roadway.

Look -- I get that she's a hater ... she says so herself, and who am I to dispute her? But I do have to wonder: she's a fully-automatic GOP-bot, right? Can it be that she really doesn't know what this little graphic refers to?

Hint for the "disenfranchised" one: the big elephant ... well, let's just say that what the big elephant is doing to the little elephant is neither wholesome nor attractive.


Craig said...

Looks like Jenni bounced your link...a common tactic of the local angry white bigot crowd.

I'm still not sure why some of the local wingers insist that you're a "liberal". If they actually read what you have to say...oh wait that's a lot of time looking up them big words. Time is money, afterall.

Jim Wetzel said...

That's pretty funny! The Caucasian did the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

I think I'm categorized a "lib'rul" because, in some sense of the word, I am. Also "conservative," also "libertarian." Which illustrates, I think, how useful those category names have become.

What I am is a Christian, oh-so-slowly learning to let that diffuse throughout my mind. Unfortunately, I'm also completely irresponsible. (But it's so much fun!)