Friday, September 05, 2008

Local Puzzle Update

Now I almost feel bad for picking on the Disenfranchised One. (Speaking of which, I'm also kind of wondering: does she know what that word means?)

Anyway, she's changed her header image. I guess she figures it's better if it's interspecies:

Thing is, it's still a great big elephant, and its partner, while now a different kind of animal, is still little. I guess the subtext here is that Republican pederasty is fine, as long as the victim's a Democrat. Or a small(er) animal. Or something.

Any way you look at it, that's one skeevy pachyderm. (Look it up, Jennifer.)

As a lady I know from the message-board days asked one day, earlier this year: "Is there anyone left in the Republican Party who still makes love to women? Aside from the women, that is."

Pretty funny.

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