Friday, September 26, 2008

Duh-mockracy on Stage

So, I'm sitting here typing the previous post and listening to Grampaw Angry-Pants and Sen. Yes-We-Can having a little one-up contest to see who is the more obsequious servant to Twelve Tribes™, Inc., and who hates Iran more. We have a murderous cokehead in the Oval Office now, and we will soon have either a murderous Alzheimer's patient or a murderous confidence man taking his spot. (Do you sense a theme here? What do these men have in common?) At times like these, a great big Imperial money meltdown sounds like not only a great idea, but a downright necessity if a whole 'nother raft-o-people are to escape slaughter.

Last second update: Grampaw has counted the number of letters in "KGB" correctly! Out-freakin'-standing.

Be sure to vote, now. Voting changes things. My high-school "government" teacher told me so. On the other hand, he was a football-coaching moron, too, wasn't he?


Mimi said...

Jim, you sound a little--well, cynical here. It's a bad old world and politicians are the scum of the earth, we all know that. Therefore, you have to vote for the party that expouses the most good for the most people. That's my belief and I'm sticking to it. Here's a comforting thought: We'll all be dead in fifty years (I will be, anyway). Somehow, I find that a comforting thought.

Jim Wetzel said...

Mimi, if I made the mistake of living another fifty years, I'd be a hundred and four -- which sounds as ghastly as it does unlikely. No worries there.

I regret that I must disagree with you -- I acknowledge no necessity of voting the "lesser evil." But that's something that would require a whole post's worth of explanation ... which might be forthcoming soon.

I can agree completely about the comforting thought, though. I don't consider myself the owner of the life within me, so I think I have a duty to live as long as I reasonably can, by appropriate, proportional, and decent means; on the other hand, "my" life is ever at the service and disposal of its Creator, so the challenge to me is to neither grasp nor throw away that which I've been put in charge of, and entrusted with. But that is a limited-time arrangement -- for which limitation I am indeed grateful.