Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's a Few Dozen More?

Moooos-lim civilians, that is:
Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan -- The Red Cross today lent its support to assertions by Afghan officials that dozens of civilians were killed in U.S. bomb strikes this week in an isolated district in western Afghanistan.

These latest allegations of mass civilian deaths during fighting between Western forces and the Taliban are particularly inflammatory, with the outcry intensifying on the day that Afghan President Hamid Karzai is due to meet in Washington with President Obama.

Karzai's office in Kabul today issued a statement denouncing such casualties as "unacceptable," and ordered a full investigation. The Afghan leader, whose relations with the new U.S. administration have been strained, intended to raise the issue with Obama, his aides said.
Well, our puppet had better not give President Rainbow Brite any slightest hint of disrespect. Clearly, the fate of wog civilians is not exactly a matter of large concern to our current Imperial War Manager. And remember, it's a brand new ball game now. There are very important differences between God-Emperor Obama and Former Chimperor Bush. I mean, Obama's all multiracial and everything, he still speaks in reasonably complete sentences, and he has a cute new White House Water Dog. And Obama has even fewer problems with the antiwar left than Bush had, difficult though that may be to believe; whatever little bit of the antiwar left there may have been during the previous regime has completely evaporated with Muad'dib's apotheosis.

Yes, they may be someone's mothers and fathers; they may be someone's sons and daughters; and they may be someone's brothers and sisters. But they aren't even the ghost of a blip on our radar screens. Expense 'em.


Anonymous said...

Well, they aren't Americans, after all. What's Karzai fussing about?

Mimi said...

You're right, Jim, the left have left the building--the anti-war building, that is--all bedazzled by Obama and his wife's pecs. I'm so disgusted. What can we do to get people to notice that CHILDREN ARE STILL BEING MURDERED?