Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Way With Words

That's what Paul Craig Roberts has. Enjoy a little snippet, then go over to CounterPunch and read his whole piece there:
Obama is fighting the release of the latest batch of horrific torture photos that have come to light. Obama claims that release of the photos would anger insurgents and cause them to kill our troops. That, of course, is nonsense. Those resisting occupation of their land by US troops and NATO mercenaries are already dedicated to killing our troops, and they know that Americans torture whomever they capture. Obama is fighting the release of the photos, because he knows the barbaric image that the photos present of the US military will undermine the public’s support for the wars that enrich the military/security complex, appease the Israel Lobby, and repay the campaign contributions that elect the US government.
There's not much I can add to that.


Anonymous said...

Nor can I, except to encourage everyone to go read the article. Roberts has King Obama nailed.

Jim Wetzel said...

You know, I can't think when the last time was that I read anything by Roberts that wasn't worthwhile.