Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Hail the New QuotaJudge

A one-term president has to be efficient in making Supreme Court nominations, since he can never tell how many chances he'll have. And no, I'm not saying that Rainbow Brite won't be re-elected in November 2012; just don't forget that Mayan calendar thing. Two election-night victory celebrations, maybe; two inaugurations -- nope. But I digress.

President O-bomb-a has been efficient here -- his nominee is both female and Hispanic, I'm told. And, apparently, in her unguarded moments, she's spoken favorably of the whole legislator-from-the-bench thing. No doubt I'm supposed to explode in a red-white-and-blue cloud of indignation. Ho-hum, yawn, not gonna do it. It seems to me that the whole discussion, as saturated as it was with race, gender, and sexual-orientation nonsense from the start (approximately 15 nanoseconds after Souter's announcement that he was hanging it up), could serve a useful purpose. The Supreme Court is like every other tentacle of the DC mutant squid: it suffers from an excess of spurious false dignity, and from the attribution of far too much importance. Like all the other jewels in the Federal crown turds in the great open sewer of the Potomac, the Supreme Court is a collection of clowns -- nine in this case, plus a small army of tax-feeding clown minions. Some of the Nine have a little more plausible manner and appearance than others, but they're all clowns. And truth being the precious commodity that it is, I say: let all future nominees to the Supremes have big red putty noses, baggy pants, and size 25 shoes. And may the "process" of putting them in the circus reveal as many more fright wigs as possible. Truly, it's time for a gummint which blatantly and visibly reflects the Greatness of the Amur'kin People! Ms. Sotomayor shows great potential in this regard. May we not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

DC mutant squid? LOL!!! How do you come up with these things?

My WFW post is up, although Mr. Linky is in the hospital. hint, hint

Jim Wetzel said...

It's a severely mixed metaphor, I think.

I just got my WFW up. Excuse me while I run over and look at yours!

Mort Chien said...

It just occurred to me that maybe there is some symbolism in the Lord of the Rings here. Perhaps JRRT had the Supremes in mind when he included the nine Nazgul in his epic. Men robed in black who had sold their souls to the dark lord in return for power.

Nah, couldn't be.

Jim Wetzel said...

Mort! Good to "see" you!

The number fits ... but I don't think Tolkien had the Supremes in mind. The Nazgul were totally evil, it's true ... but they were also impressive. They had that gravitas. The august Justices of the High Court, on the other hand, while evil, have ... that red putty nose factor about them.