Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Final Exam for Wednesday, 6 May Edition

One of the reasons for taking today off from the day job is that I'm giving my final exam this evening. (And, before I forget, there's my built-in excuse for not posting here for the two days after that: university rules require me to report course grades no more than 48 hours after my final exam ends, which means I have to have them graded and the course grades reported by 8:15 pm on Friday. I'm apt to have a couple of busy evenings coming up, since I don't plan to burn another day off this week.

I certainly hope they do well. This bunch of students I've had this semester has been a good one, and I have high hopes for them. And I'm baking off a couple of batches of cookies, too, in the hopes that a little well-timed sugar rush may elicit some useful physics-related thoughts from them.

In case any of my students are reading this, two things. First, go work a couple of problems! And second, please remember that electrical potential and electrical potential energy are different physical quantities, with different units and everything. Don't be deceived by the similar names.

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