Monday, March 13, 2006

You're Doing a Heckuva Job, Bushie

Checking out the Glorious Chickenhawk Wartime President: a quick snapshot, on the eve of the third anniversary of the cakewalk kickoff.

American soldiers killed (to date, 13 March 2006): 2307

American soldiers wounded: 17004. That's the official number; the real one must be expected to be substantially higher.

Dollar cost: $247 billion. That's about $900 for every man, woman, child, and "undocumented person" in the U.S. -- every cent of it borrowed. Count up the men, women, etc. in your household, multiply, and see what George and his friends have put on your MasterCard in the last few years. For Iraq, that is; they've been busy, busy, busy elsewhere, too.

America's good name: 'nuff said.

How about Iraq itself? How about democracy? Seems to be pretty well in the dumper.

Maybe, after George the Slow kicks off his latest sales trip, someone could ask him for a reminder. Once again, George: what was all this for, anyway?

Naaaah. No one who poses the slightest risk for asking such a question is going to pass the rigorous audience pre-screening. Which is a shame ... not that he'd say anything besides whatever slogan is recent enough for some garbled version of it to still be rattling around in his pickled brain. But just because we could have gotten a sour little laugh from watching him squint'n'scowl. Let's not scorn those sour little laughs, poor things though they are; these days, a thinking American has to be grateful for any little thing at all.


lemming said...

GWB would tell you that the war in Iraq has made America and the world safer, as well as bringing democracy to Iraq.

Bear in mind that, unlike GWB, you and I read newspapers, etc. and come into frequent contct with people who do not necessarilys hare our opinions.

Bartleby said...

That's right, I think -- always assuming he can remember back that far on the talking-points sheet.

Kevin Johnson said...

It's good to see some things never change. The TBQ forums may be gone, but the anti-American hate-filled left has found other places to vent their spleens and show their support of America's enemies.

I can only hope that someday you folks will learn some new tricks.

Kevin Johnson aka medic92.