Monday, March 27, 2006

Stand Up / Stand Down

The evil mainstream media, we're told, isn't giving us the "good news" about Iraq, and the Empire's many good works there. Other sorts of news seem to be a little scarce, too. I didn't see this until I looked at the BBC's site:
The US military in Iraq is facing growing political pressure over a raid on a Baghdad mosque complex that left about 20 people dead on Sunday evening. US officials said 16 insurgents had been killed and 18 captured, along with a significant weapons cache.

However, members of Iraq's ruling Shia Islamist bloc say many of the dead were civilians taking part in prayers.

"Entering the mosque and the killings there are an unjustified and flagrant attack," the interior minister said.

"Approximately 18 innocent men who were inside the mosque performing sunset prayers were killed and became martyrs," Bayan Jabr added in an interview on Dubai-based al-Arabiya television. "They were killed unjustly and wrongfully."

Some members of the ruling Shia Islamist alliance repeated allegations - denied by US officials - that Americans and Iraqi troops under their command had tied people up at the Mustafa mosque in north-east Baghdad's Sadr City up and shot them in cold blood.

Earlier on Monday, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said he was "deeply concerned" by the reports and had telephoned US military commander General George Casey, who had promised a full inquiry.

Baghdad Governor Hussein Tahan said all co-operation with US forces would be suspended unless the incident was investigated by a panel not including the US military.
I would guess that someone with an official-sounding title like "Baghdad Governor" must be one of those standing-up Iraqis whose words should mean it's time for the U.S. to stand down, as George W. Slow-Puppy likes to chant many times daily. It sounds as if the Baghdad Governor is ready to see the last of the Imperial troops. Is the Grand Wartime Emperor of the Lands and Seas listening?

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