Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Unity: It's Not Just for Fascists Any More!

I have no link this morning ... that which I saw, I saw on the teevee, on Faux News in fact. I know they have a web presence, and if I poked around in the garbage there I might have turned up something, but it's too early in the morning for duty of that sort.

I was having my customary Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout on the "machines" at the Y this morning (on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I swim, and on Sunday I gloriously rest), and the open machine was right in front of the boob-tube that was spewing Faux. ("Faux and Friends," they call it.) I was listening to Porcupine Tree on my MP3 player, but the teevees at the Y are always set to show the closed captions, so it wasn't any trouble to follow the action. This morning, we saw Neil Cavuto interviewing some well-upholstered neocon war cheerleader whose name I didn't catch. It seemed like a very friendly discussion. They were agreeing -- endlessly agreeing -- that the damned Islamofascist insurgent terrorist jihadi bad boys were encouraged, rewarded, and spurred on by any and all suggestions of disagreement and disunity among the peasants here in the United State.

Well, maybe they're right. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're right. So now's the time for unity, and for an end to squabbling. Now's the time for all the Bushbots and yellow-ribbon-magnet warriors to quit arguing and simply agree with me. Stop the wars (at least, stop our part in them), dismantle the empire, and start concentrating on manufacturing something that someone might reasonably want to buy, so we can start to get back into competitive international trade.

This isn't the time for debate. There's a war on, don't you know; and it won't stop until you bots out there (and you know who you are) stop bickering, admit that I'm correct, and get with the program. My program, that is.

You were right, Mr. Cavuto! Unity really is a fine thing!

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