Friday, March 17, 2006

Admonishing the Asians

It seems that the Secretary of State of the most peaceful nation on Earth (and, it goes without saying, the freest and most democratic), Condoleezza "Double My Letters" Rice, is upset with those Chinese Commies over their arms expenditures.
Earlier Thursday, Rice said China should "undertake to be transparent" about the 14.7% increase in its military spending announced for 2006. She was in Australia for weekend talks that include Japan and are to focus on Beijing's growing military and political influence. ... China's reported 2006 military budget is $35 billion, but analysts believe the true figure is several times higher.
Of course, China's "true" military budget would have to be, not "several" times higher, but twelve and a half times higher to approach the "official" U.S. military budget ($439 billion), which is well on its way to exceeding the combined total of all such spending for the entire remainder of the world. And that figure doesn't include the $67 billion in emergency appropriations for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are pending in Congress.

Nonetheless, when Condi growls at those bellicose Asians, they'd best listen. Otherwise, Uncle Sam is apt to take his borrowing business -- the debt financing his mega-guns and his mega-butter -- elsewhere. For example, to ... uh ... well ... okay.

Shut up, Ms. Rice. Your fifteen minutes of cute are definitely over. The grownups aren't amused.

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