Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Assistant Steward of Titanic Resigns

Ho hum.

You don't seem to understand, George. Mr. Card is just a flunky. Tossing him overboard doesn't make everything all better. You're the war criminal. You're the one who thinks the laws don't apply to him. You're the complete disgrace to the country. You're the one who needs to resign, yesterday if not sooner.

C'mon, George. Do the right thing.


lemming said...

Optimism thy name is Bartleby! :-)

itsmecissy said...

Let him "clean house" Bartleby, maybe Rumsfeld is next...Hope springs eternal.

Grace said...

itsmecissy: Oh, yes, please let Rumsfeld be next. It's horrifying to read reports that Rumsfeld is "bored" with the Iraq war and remains obsessed instead with re-widgetizing the Pentagon. Of course, any replacement will probably be just a Rummy Jr.

William Larsen said...

The War in Iraq is run by amateurs. What did we learn in WWII? We must have forgotten everything. My father tells me that when they came upon an ammo dump the either secured it or destroyed it then and there. If they came across the enemy, they did not bypass the, but engaged, defeated and took prisoners. When the war was over they separated out the Nazis and other bad ones, which were easily given up by the regular army and separated. They then took the German army and used it as the foundation for securing the country.

What did Bush and Company do in Iraq? Well they bypassed ammo dumps leaving them free to the locals to pick clean and use on us later on. They bypassed the army and did not disarm them and then dispersed them only to have to create a new army to take over security.

We use humvees that are fast, maneuverable, but lack any real armor in the streets of Baghdad where they cannot use there speed or maneuverability and lacking armor are men and women get injured and some die. While all the while we have heavy armored half tracks sitting in the desert out west. I was in the Navy, but I would say let me ride in the old heavy armored half track with a 50 cal mounted on top versus a humvee.