Monday, March 13, 2006

"Our Little Brown Brothers"

Mr. Silber says what I've so often tried to say. As usual, he just says it much, much better:
... an end to military interventions overseas, coupled with genuine free travel and trade, including one related and crucial element in particular: free and open cultural and intellectual exchange.

What is remarkable is the extent to which such a course of action is almost never discussed at all, or even acknowledged. Such ideas lie outside the "conventional wisdom," and members of our government never treat them with any degree of seriousness. Given the disastrous consequences brought about by the "conventional wisdom," you would think more people would be willing to consider an alternative -- one that might lead to far better results, shorn of the endless cycle of death and destruction that now consumes us.
Go have a look. Not short, but worth your while.

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Grace said...

Wow, what a fantastic column. Silber's columns are for savoring. Reading them just once is never enough.

Americans are woefully ignorant of US government manipulations and machinations that went on worldwide following WWII. These things simply are not acknowledged let alone decently covered in the general media. In order to find out, you have to search out scholarly or other heavy-duty books and commit yourself to reading them. Fortunately, for most of what's relevant today, you really only have to concentrate on 60 or 65 years' worth of our mucking about in the affairs of sovereign nations.

Yeah, right, they hate us for our freedoms. And most of my college-educated relatives accepted that as indisputable fact. That's when I realized how amazingly indoctrinated Americans are. And the more educated one is, the more indoctrinated one is.