Friday, April 17, 2009

Purely-Local Note

Anybody notice this crap splashed all over the front page of our hard-hitting journalistic watchdog of a morning paper city gooberment booster club newsletter?

(Not to suggest that the moribund afternoon fishwrap is even slightly better -- it's not. Just later, that's all, so I haven't seen it yet.)

Rah, rah. And, uh, rah.


Mort Chien said...

Uh, apparently things have changed since I moved on. What happened to the other taxpayer funded stadium across from IPFW?


Jim Wetzel said...

Well, Mort, whether things have changed or not depends greatly on what your definition of "change" is (sorry to get all Clintonesque on you here). "More of the same" could be construed as "change," I guess, since today's condition is not identical to yesterday's. But it's really a projection of yesterday: magnified, but with the same shape and general character.

Anyway, to answer your question directly: "Memorial Stadium," as they used to call it, is now called "Bulldozer Bait." It stands unused, un-paid-for, and will now oblige our local genius leaders to come up with a couple million to demolish. Last I heard, it is destined to become more parking spaces for the Coliseum. To pay for the demolition, though, they'll probably need to up the parking rate from the current $4 to $5 or $6.

As they say: "You can't make this stuff up." To which, all I can add is: for a place of its size, it seems to me that Fort Wayne / Allen County is uncommonly corrupt, in a grubby, small-time way.