Monday, April 13, 2009

Got Your Rally Cap On?

Yes? Well, by all means, take the stupid-looking thing off and put your thinking cap on instead. Mr. Dowd will help you.


Mort Chien said...

I have total confidence ...

that our leaders know what is best for themselves.

that they do not give a damn about the rest of us other than to buy our vote if it were for sale.

that the majority of 'murkens (did I get the spelling correct?) are more than willing to sell their souls and bodies to the most pleasant sounding non-reality promoter.

that the system is broken and requires replacement, not tinkering. Or if one is theologically inclined, repentance not response to yet another invitation.

that replacement is a ticket item that few are willing to embrace and that by the time they are the only choices left will be violent ones.

long live the Republic of Ohio
- Mort Chien

Anonymous said...

No rally cap, but I'm working on a Gadsden flag t-shirt for the tea party tomorrow. :)

Jim Wetzel said...

Mort! Good to see you again!

I share your confidence. I don't enjoy it, but I share it.

akaGaGa: watch that Gadsden flag stuff. You know, the law enforcement community is wise to the signs of domestic turr'sm.