Friday, April 17, 2009

I Apologize For Not Voting

Gee, I guess I shoulda voted:
McCains lend a hand to gay Republican group

From CNN's Sarah Parker

CNN) – Log Cabin Republicans are getting some support from the McCain family.

Cindy and Meghan McCain will make an appearance at the gay rights organization's four day convention in Washington, which kicks off Thursday night.

"Of all the causes I believe in and speak publicly about, this is one of the ones closest to my heart," Meghan McCain, a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, wrote in the Daily Beast this week. "If the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support from a wider, younger base, we need to get past our anti-gay rhetoric."
Yep, I have to admit it: if I'd just held my nose and voted for the elephant one more time, maybe that crypto-Mooslim Negro commie Obama wouldn't have won. Rats. I let my country down again.

Don't you be like me. You should vote, as often as possible. Be a full participant in our glorious Two-Party System™, in which voting changes things.

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