Friday, October 10, 2008

Me: Glutton for Punishment

After my experiences two years ago (here, here, here, here, and here) with the feckless Tom Hayhurst, the contemptible Kevin Knuth, and the cowardly slug "Little Mitch" Harper, you'd think I'd know better than to ask a Democratic contestant for the Marky-Mark Souder Permanent Congressional Squat to give me a little information. But, how much fun would life be if we insisted on learning from experience and acting on the lessons? So, after visiting the campaign web site of this year's Souder opponent and finding it to be so much cotton-candy piffle, I made use of his "mailto" link:
Dear Mr. Montagano,

I am considering my decision about whom to vote for – if anyone – in the 3rd congressional district contest. I’d appreciate a brief summary of your thoughts on:

1. The occupation of Iraq: will you vote to continue funding it?
2. The occupation of Afghanistan: same question.
3. If an authorization for the next president to attack Iran comes before the House, will you vote “yes” or “no?”
4. The recent bailout/rescue bill: would you have voted “yes” or “no?” Ongoing or future bailouts: same question.
5. Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: fund or not?

I regret asking you to spend your time in this way, but your campaign website is, frankly, not particularly helpful to me in discerning what your thoughts might be on these matters, which I consider a good bit more important than “fighting for veterans” or pandering about gasoline price “gouging.” I would like to vote for you. Please give me one or more sufficient reasons to do so.

Thank you,

Jim Wetzel
Once again, I'll pass along the result -- or lack thereof.


lemming said...

A friend has contacted Brent Waltz several times for help with unemployment benefits - not even a "thanks for your message" reply. Great idea, ignoring your constituents when they need your help...

Fort Wayne Pothead said...

So, back in 06 you were upset because Harper posted your name, "Jim Wetzel". It's on your blog, (which I find usally quite boorish).

Jim Wetzel said...

You know, lemming, based on their short-term self-interest, I can understand why a sitting "representative" would completely ignore the peasants. But it's hard to understand on any level why they blow us off while they're still applicants for the "job." I guess I'll just never understand that big-picture view.