Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Surge Is Working ...

Not to distract you from your joyous celebration of our rescue from certain economic doom by the bipartisan coalition of theives, robbers, and tyrants in DC, but:
Turkish warplanes bombed suspected Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq and southeast Turkey early Tuesday in new airstrikes responding to an attack that killed 17 soldiers at a military outpost four days ago.

The military said its fighter jets attacked 21 rebel positions in Iraq's Avasin Baysan region and Turkish mountains bordering Iraq. The prime minister indicated a new cross-border military incursion could take place.

It was the fourth round of airstrikes on Kurdish positions since Friday's attack when rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, fired mortar rounds and artillery from Iraq at the military outpost in a Turkish valley.

The attack touched off the deadliest battle between Turkish troops and Kurdish rebels in eight months. The military said Tuesday it had recovered two more rebel bodies, raising the PKK death toll in the gunbattles on the ground to 25.

The military said it had not determined how many rebels have been killed in the airstrikes.

The PKK has been fighting for autonomy in Turkey's southeast since 1984. The fighting has killed tens of thousands of people.
Aren't you glad we have ourselves a Middle Eastern province? Aren't you glad to be a subject of the Empire that's charged with the administration and management of so peaceful, prosperous, and profitable a subsidiary?

Heckuva job, Georgie. And major props to your enablers and financiers in the Congress, too, whether their mascots are pachyderms or jackasses. I tell you, it's an honor and a privilege to pay for your adventures with what's left of my liberties and my money ... and I'm sure that those Eye-rackies who are paying with their blood are also completely happy to be doing so.

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