Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crickets Chirping

That's the kind of peace that exists in my email inbox. It might as well be County Road 1100 South in Wabash County on a soft summer night, 2:30 in the morning. Peace prevails. The crickets are singing their lullaby. There's no "clang" of an incoming reply from Mr. Montagano, nor from any of his minions, if minions he has.

You know, if it's just that a Congressional candidate from a major-brand party is sufficiently a celebrity as to not want to take time to answer nosy questions from an individual voter (maybe), I can understand that. But that still leaves me with a couple of questions. Why bother to set up a website that doesn't give any substantial information about the candidate? And -- most perplexing at all -- why have a "contact us" page, with a mailto link to Mr. Candidate Himself, and then not answer the mail? Why tell your prospective voter, please email me, then not reply?

When Mr. Montagano loses, all the proggies will be sighing about what stupid bastards the voters are, re-electing Souder all the time. Doesn't anyone have at least a little blame to spare for the so-called "opposition" party, who habitually run candidates who do uncommonly good impressions of people who want to lose?

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