Monday, September 11, 2006

Cowardice and Comment Moderation

For anyone who's been following my oh-so-pleasant experiences with the Allen County Democrats, be aware that I posted a response to Mr. Knuth in the thread in question on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Knuth practices something called "comment moderation," by which comments do not appear online until the blog's proprietor approves them. It seems that Mr. Knuth has dumped my most recent comment, apparently finding it necessary to "have the last word" by any means available, fair or foul.

Conclusion: Kevin's not just an asshat; he's a coward as well. Allrighty, then ... so be it.

I should add that Kevin K. isn't the first or only blogger hiding behind "comment moderation" that I've encountered; a certain local spice vendor did me the same way, a while back. This demonstrates the truth of the folk proverb that "water seeks its own level" -- in this case, down in the sewer somewhere.


Craig said...

That's messed up.

I've too have experienced the wrath of said "spice vendor". But since I've never commented on Mr. Knuth's blog I have thus never experienced my typings being dumped.

I've deleted stuff before, but only in extreme cases of annoyance such as blatant hate-speech. I just don't see any need to let that stuff be on my blog.

I've dumped some of Andrew's comments too, but just because he was getting on my nerves. I think he gets over it rather quickly though.

I can see why you're upset, as I didn't see anything objectionable about what you typed over there.

Pam said...

Did you ever hear back from the Hayhurst campaign?

Bartleby said...

Pam: regrettably, no -- making it seem rather unlikely that I will hear from the candidate.

Craig: thanks for the kind words. It occurs to me that part of why I was so annoyed at getting 86'd from the Knuth blog is that ... let's face it, I like having the last word, too. Sometimes these things offer valuable, if distasteful, lessons. Such as: "scratch an asshole, find ... well, myself, maybe."