Monday, August 07, 2006

"These Are the Good Old Days"

Americans, before long: "Remember the good old days? When gas was only $3 a gallon?"

And, as Bush's supergenius Zionocentric foreign policy goes from one stunning success to another, we're left to wonder: how high will energy prices go?

The U.S. crime cartel that is usually referred to (politely) as the "two-party system" has effectively ensured that no justice is available to American subjects. The Almighty Voter could always (and just may) punish the GOP at the ballot box this November -- assuming that Diebold allows such -- but, in so doing, would have to reward the fully-complicit Democrats. And, either way, you and I are headed for the BOHICA* zone once again.

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*Bend Over, Here It Comes Again


itsmecissy said...

Both Bush and Cheney have the majority of their portfolios invested in oil stock. Each time prices at the pump rise, these two thugs get richer and richer.

Bush also said in 2000 that the SPR shouldn't be "used as an attempt to drive down gas prices right before an election." Wonder if he'll change his mind on that one?

Looking stupid is a form of life for some, isn't it.

Bartleby said...

No, I actually don't think he'll change his mind. (For one thing, to change one's mind requires the possession of a mind ... but enough about that.) To drive down gasoline prices, however it is done, would interfere with the enhancement of the aforementioned portfolios. As for how the election turns out ... well, put yourself in Bush's shoes, no matter how distasteful the exercise might be. What does he care? One way or the other, he's only a couple of years away from the end of his tenure as Wartime President. The fortunes of the Republican party? A small concern, compared with the parties he'll be enjoying after leaving office. I tend to imagine that when Dubya envisions the future, it's a vision in darkish amber, contained in a square glass bottle with a black label.

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