Wednesday, August 09, 2006

America's Reliable Ally ... (Again)

Just in case AIPAC doesn't get everything that might be needful from its wholly-owned floozies in the Knesset U.S. Congress, the Mossad has Plan B in place, according to the Jerusalem Post:
A US Navy sailor, Ariel J. Weinmann, is suspected of spying for Israel and has been held in prison for four months, according to an article published Monday in the Saudi daily Al-Watan. It reported that Weinmann is being held at a military base in Virginia on suspicion of espionage and desertion.

According to the navy, Weinmann was apprehended on March 26 "after it was learned that he had been listed as a deserter by his command." Though initial information released by the navy makes no mention of it, Al-Watan reported that he was returning from an undisclosed "foreign country." American sources close to the Defense Department told Al-Watan that Israel was the country in question.
All together, class -- repeat after me until you have it letter-perfect: "The Israeli national interest is identical to the U.S. national interest. The Israeli national interest is ... "

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