Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mea Culpa

Well, I hate to admit that I was wrong, but ... you know, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Just look at this. One day, Joey "Beloved of Bush" Lieberman loses the primary election, and the next day, the Islamofascist hordes are rampant again. Those swarthy ones were emboldened to murderous action as soon as it became clear that American voters are nothing more than cowardly appeasers, right out of the Neville Chamberlain mold. (Hey, Chamberlain was French, wasn't he?)

Now, I'd best go out and buy an antenna flag and a magnetic support-the-troops ribbon, and I'd better get my thoughts right about President Pinhead. Otherwise, when Al-Qeada "takes out" both the Berne Popcorn Festival and the Roller Dome, the blood will be on my hands.

I've been such a bad man. But I'm straightening up now. Iraq will be pacified, Iran will be overthrown, Syria will be turned into a Disney theme park. And I'll back Dear Leader's Global War on Terror all the way, no matter what it takes ... right down to Leo Morris's last kitty-cat, and right down to the last drop of Mark Souder's kids' blood. Hoooo-ahhh!!!


John Good said...

You'd think he'd pick a friendlier state than Wisconsin to visit, eh?
Where to next, Frisco?

Pam said...

Thanks for the post on my blog. Hope you don't mind the visit here - I'm always up for reading like-minded blogs. And I love your sarcasm.

I'm afraid I have to agree - it's quite hopeless. Even if a truly pro-peace politican got a majority of the votes, Diebold would just recount them for the neocons.

Robert Rouse said...

I now see the error of my wicked Liberal ways. From this point forward I will make sure I add George W. Bush to my nightly prayers, paint my house red, white and blue, double . . . no triple the amount I pay in taxes (and tell them the extra money is for Right Wing causes and foreign military excursions into the Middle East, and {cough, cough} . . . ah man, I just threw up. I pushed my tongue so far into my cheek that it flipped back into my throat.

Forget what I said. Vote Demo in '06 & '08.