Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gross Understatement

In the post below, I wrote:
I wonder if our American Likudniks felt betrayed at all when the Izzies announced that maybe they would suspend aerial attacks for a couple of days after all? Of course, talk is cheap, and that hasn't quite happened yet.
Hasn't happened yet? As we all know now, it never even started to happen. Now the Israelis are saying, wait a minute -- we said we'd keep going after Hezbollah fighters, resupply trucks, guns, rockets, etc. Which makes you wonder: what exactly else were they doing, that they supposedly "suspended" for 48 hours? Blatant attacks on civilians (that is, blatant terrorism)?

You hear a lot of talk about "state-sponsored" terrorism -- what about state-committed terrorism? And, believe me, I'm not just talking about Israel, either ... of much more concern to me is Israel's vast-but-obedient client state in the western hemisphere. Yeah, you know the one.

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