Monday, August 25, 2008

This Week: The Democratic National Convention

During their convention week, Sen. Obama's likely to be getting most of the attention. Lately, I think he's gotten the lion's share of the attention at this blog, too, and that doesn't seem fair. Let's give Grampaw Angry-Pants a turn. Have you seen this gem?

I'm sorry I couldn't find a "straight" version of this on YouTube, but if you just listen, you get it. I guess when you (or your trophy wife) have so many houses you need staffers to count the damn things, you're naturally an open-borders guy: you really, really need cheap, compliant gardeners and pool boys and maids.

If I'm advising Sen. Yes We Can (which of course I'm not), I tell him: take every single "debate" with this ancient psycho you can get, and then needle him just a little bit. How quickly do you think we'd see a volcanic meltdown of truly bizarre proportions?


lemming said...

The bit about houses really does worry me - love your line about Mccain needing cheap staff if he has that many.

After two weeks of watching teh Olympics, I'm wondering what sort of athletic event could be introduced to teh conventions to improve them.

Craig said...

"Needle him just a little bit"

I think that's Biden's job

Sator Arepo said...

Um. Are you "Reverend" Jim Wetzel?

Like the blog, wondering if I knew you years ago...

Jim Wetzel said...

lemming: I've been thinking about that, but I couldn't come up with any catchy event names. Most of what come immediately to mind for me is variations on the shot put, in which truth is thrown as far from the politico as possible; or some variation on the decathlon, involving the Ten Big Ways to Lie or something.

Craig: I think you're right, and I'll be terribly disappointed if Sen. Biden doesn't do that job. And do it well.

sator arepo: Nope, not me. It's not the first time I've been asked that, though. There's a retired pastor named Ralph Wetzel around here somewhere, and I've been asked about a "Jim" in that vocation, too. There's more than a few Wetzels in the Fort Wayne phone book -- none related to me that I know of, and probably all related to me through some chain-of-many-links. I've only lived in the area since 1986; originally, I and most of my relatives were Indianapolis folk.

Thanks for asking, though, and thanks for your kind words.