Tuesday, January 09, 2007

State vs. Culture

Steven LaTulippe posts an interesting libertarian take on cultural decay at the Lew Rockwell site today. By "libertarian" here, I mean real libertarian, as opposed to Libertarian Party compromise claptrap. It's fairly lengthy, so I'll just quote his four main headings here:
#1 Abolish the welfare state

#2 Privatize marriage ... and illegitimacy

#3 Abolish the Federal Reserve and privatize currency

#4 Abolish the public school system
You probably won't agree with all of it; you may not agree with any of it. It's a good, thought-provoking piece, though.


lemming said...

Somehow, somewhere, we need to come p with a distibuisgment between "marriage as covenant" and "marriage for insurance reasons."

It will apply to all situations, but will also make life simpler.smenita

Bartleby said...

Good thought. I think Mr. LaTulippe would say that his proposal accommodates either:

"Marriage is a private contract between two people. It is not an opportunity for social engineering.

The practical result of the privatization of marriage would be to reinvigorate those institutions of organic culture which have traditionally administered it (which, for the most part, means churches and other religious organizations). These institutions could define their own marriage contract or oversee the negotiation of such a contract between the individuals in question.

For instance, if a couple wished to be married in the Catholic Church, they would have to accept the Catholic Church’s marital contract (or go elsewhere). This contract could define the tenets of the relationship and could predetermine the consequences (including child support) of a divorce. A divorce, should it occur, would then be handled by the Church’s ecclesiastical courts or in some other way as defined by the contract.

The state need not be involved in any way.

In addition, any institution, corporation or individual would be perfectly free to recognize (or refuse to recognize) any marriage contract."

Bartleby said...

I was wondering about "smenita" (spells "atinems" backward). Then I posted a comment at Reverent and Free, and that's the word verification I got! Blogger must be working from a limited supply of those.

lemming said...

(blushes at typos and word verification mess...)