Monday, January 08, 2007

Back At It

The spring semester began today, and with it began my second iteration as an "associate faculty" member -- meaning somebody with a day job who teaches a class in the evening.

So, my bad leg's tired and sore (an hour and fifteen minutes on my feet, clumping up and down in front of a chalkboard -- much more than I'm used to). And it was great. I can't remember when I've had nearly so much fun from teaching about heat transfer. The drudgery will return, no doubt. Still: it's soooo good to get a few hours per week in which to talk about that king -- nay, that absolute emperor -- of the sciences, physics.

Meanwhile, I return to the orthopedic surgeon Wednesday afternoon for evaluation. Concerning this, I have both great hopes and great fears. I think there's a good chance that I'll be permitted to cease wearing the immobilizer, and start driving again. The bad stuff: I'll just bet that when that immobilizer comes off and I get told to bend that knee, it's going to be a fiery purple bitch. Many people have also predicted that a physical therapist somewhere is going to make a weepy little girl out of me, too. But those bad things have to happen sooner or later ... let's get 'em over with.

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