Monday, January 15, 2007

The Shiites Are Our Allies ... the Shiites Have Always Been Our Allies

Apparently, hanging is something of a lost art.

And I guess we're all Shiites now:
Hassan and Bandar are to be buried Monday night in Owja, Iraq, near the grave of Hussein, local government officials said.

Hours after their execution in Baghdad, the shroud-wrapped bodies of Hassan and Bandar were flown on a U.S. military helicopter to Camp Speicher, a U.S. military base in southern Tikrit, where they were met by a delegation of local Iraqi officials, said the governor of Salaheddin province, Hamed al-Shakti.
[Emphasis added.]

I certainly hope those 21,500 "surge" folks who are headed into Mesopotamia have received, or will receive, appropriate training concerning the niceties of Shi'a vs. Sunni Islam. Confusion on the finer theological points would be most inappropriate. Training films would be a good idea. Instead of "Why We Fight," use "Why Shi'a Is Right."

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