Monday, October 02, 2006

Physics is Fun!

I'm instructional again this week! My co-worker who took over my evening physics class this year had to travel this week, and I'm standing in for her. It's the chapter on work and energy, too, which is a fun one to teach. Best of all, no papers to grade! I feel like a pig wallowing in a mudhole. I do enjoy teaching physics.

I don't regret my decision -- I was traveling myself week-before-last, and I don't feel I'm doing justice to my students if I'm not there every time ... the class doesn't meet all that many times in the semester. I do miss it, though.


Craig said...

Here's a question.

While you're all sitting around the faculty lounge, do you plot and plan in order to schedule all of your midterms on the same day?

I claim shenanigans!

Bartleby said...

Craig, I was "associate faculty" at IPFW for five years, and I spent five years looking for that legendary faculty lounge. No success. I think it's a closely-guarded secret of the real (full-time) instructors. We "associate faculty" (meaning "scum-creatures of the night") weren't allowed to find out about it.

That said, it's true that exams tend to cluster. When you're laying out your syllabus, you tend to divide the semester into two or three roughly-equal parts (depending on whether you're on a one-stop strategy or a two-stop), so most are going to pick the same week.

Hey, it builds character, right?