Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bloody Puzzles

I think it's probably pretty safe to assume that when the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee comes to town to speak, that everything he says is a lie. And that's a pity, in some ways. Congresscreature Pete Hoekstra came to town this past Wednesday to address the local elephants, and he covered the usual Imperial bases:
America needs to stay vigilant in the global war against “radical Islamists” to break their will to fight, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., addressed the Allen County Republican Party on Wednesday evening at the group’s annual bean dinner. The dinner serves as a fundraiser for the party and as a way to energize party faithful a few weeks before Election Day.

Hoekstra spoke for about a half-hour and discussed the challenge of fighting a war against an enemy spread across the globe. He mostly discussed the importance of keeping Republicans in power because of the party’s resolve to fight the war – which he believes began in 1979 with the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran – until it ends. He said President Bush has been instrumental in beefing up the U.S.’s spy network after it was reduced during President Clinton’s term.

He also defended Bush’s domestic surveillance program and detainee interrogation programs as necessary to getting information about the enemy.

“We need to destroy the will of radical Islamists to engage the U.S. militarily,” he said.

Hoekstra even said he hoped the U.S. Justice Department would jail newspaper reporters who didn’t divulge their sources for stories that revealed classified information about different intelligence programs.

“They are traitors,” he said.
Ho, hum, the usual bloodthirsty stupidity. But wait -- here comes the good part:
But Hoekstra said to put the Democrats in power would lead not only to a reduction in domestic tax cuts, but a reduction in funding for the efforts to fight the war. He said if the United States were to leave Iraq too early, radical Islamists would equate that to the Soviet Union’s being forced to leave Afghanistan decades ago.
Reduction in war funding if the Dems take power? Now, there's something I wish I could believe. The Democrats, for the most part, say they will continue to prosecute Bush's war, with better and more-efficient management. I'd like to believe they're lying ... but that would require believing that Hoekstra's being truthful. This feels like one of those "liars and truthtellers" brainteaser puzzles. What to believe, what to believe?

Here's what I believe. I believe the fix is in. I believe that no matter which collection of posing puppets nominally is placed (or retained) in power, we're screwed. Is the Revo ever going to get here?

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