Thursday, October 26, 2006

George the Slow and His Debt

The Wee Emperor had a press conference the other day -- a painful experience for all sentient beings, for sure. The Great War Decider took advantage of the occasion to complain yet again about his excessive workload:
I've met too many wives and husbands who've lost their partners in life; too many children who won't ever see their mom and dad again. I owe it to them and to the families who still have loved ones in harm's way to ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain.
No wonder El Supremo spends half his time on vacation. How many wives and husbands and children have you met, O Dread Sovereign? Too many.

Meanwhile, what passes for American public discourse gets crazier and crazier, because of the imperative necessity we feel to tell whopping lies to each other. Some truths are too awful to speak. Here's one, appropriate to the occasion:

Their sacrifices have indeed been in vain.

The only question is: how many more will join those already dead and maimed? Our dolt president assures us that there'll be many, many, many more. You see, he owes it to dead people to provide them with company. And Dubya will pay his debts, if it takes the last drop of your blood to do it.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Bartelby.

Sadly, I think you are correct in asserting that there is no end to this war in our near future.