Thursday, July 06, 2006

Uncle Leo: What a Guy!

Mr. Morris asks what I'm sure he imagines is a cute, cute question:
Am I being insenstive if I wish Cindy Sheehan the greatest success, if you know what I mean, with her peace diet?


I have a different perspective, so I make different choices. I had the biggest, fattest steak I could find on the Fourth. If I become a 300-pound, non-ambulatory freak, have some sympathy. The war on terror is tough work, and we all have to do our part.
Well, no, Uncle Leo, I wouldn't say "insensitive," exactly. I'd say hateful, ugly, and pretty much everything I've learned to expect from you. Jerko. Can't wait for the day when the News-Sentinel's new owners pull the life-support plug on that poor old lame former newspaper.

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