Monday, July 03, 2006

Time on Their Hands

So: here we are on the eve of Independence Day -- and what a bad joke that seems like, as Americans have never been less free than they are today, July 3, 2006. But here we are. We have a lot to think about. You might think that the Congress, in particular, would have plenty of concerns; after all, two and a half thousand young Americans have been killed for ... well, Iraqi duh-mocracy or whatever the Great Cause is this month. The central government is bankrupt and drowning in debt, as are many Americans on a personal level. The White House is occupied by a third-rate Napoleon who has figured out that he doesn't have to attend to the law, as long as his minions have more and better guns than anyone else. So what preoccupies the election-proofed aristocracy of gerrymandering in the Congress? Well, this:
House Majority Whip Roy Blunt and other lawmakers are demanding explanations after hearing complaints that the movie "Facing the Giants" was rated PG instead of G due to religious content.


After meeting with MPAA officials, Blunt and a handful of other House members said they remain concerned about the subjective nature of the ratings process.

"I'm not satisfied," said Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who attended the meeting with Blunt. "We probably will want to revisit this ratings process to have some commonality in the standards that exist for movies, videos and video games."
Shouldn't our supervisors at least finish making sure that our naughty professional baseballers quit juicing, before moving on to the MPAA?

The knuckleheaded apprentice tyrants who oversee us have exceeded my poor ability to make fun of them. Somebody help me.

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