Friday, July 07, 2006

Kimchi Fear! Flavor of the Week!

So now, we're all supposed to be wetting our pants because the North Koreans are testing missiles. As with everything that happens in the world, Dear Leader has something to say about it:
Bush said he thought the North Korean leader "wants us to either fear him or pay attention to him."

"And I view it as an opportunity ... to get the Chinese and the South Koreans and the Japanese and Russians to work with us and send a clear message that this is unacceptable behavior," Bush said.
So, Axis of Evil #3 wants us to either fear him or pay attention to him. Sounds as if our childlike Despot-in-Chief is projecting his own motivations on others.

Meanwhile, it's very, very bad if the North Koreans have ICBMs (which they don't, yet). Testing missiles is a very bad thing, unless the U.S. is doing the testing, in which case it's a matter of obvious and uncontroversial routine. The U.S., the only state ever to nuke anyone, can be trusted to possess nukes and their delivery systems. No one else qualifies.

I suppose it's understandable if the Japanese are concerned about a fully-nuclear North Korea. But I'm not Japanese. And, last time I checked, that clown that -- regrettably -- I help pay to be president isn't President of Japan, either. I daresay the Japanese are perfectly capable of defending themselves. Especially if they have to do so.

Pull the U.S. armed forces out of South Korea. Bring them home and demobilize them. Aren't we bankrupt enough already? Do we have to seek out yet another crisis to manage (i.e., screw up)?


John Good said...

What? Start undeploying? Why, that. . .that would start to undermine the military-industrial machine that keeps our very economy alive and growing! Are you mad?? Lay off of the scrips, Bartleby!

Bartleby said...

Awww, John, do I have to? I loves me a whole bunch of my meds ... they knit up the ravelled sleeve of care and expand the mind all at the same time!