Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Sacker-ficial President

I just heard George the Slow's weekly radio address. Needless to say, he's attempting to catch a wave of relative popularity (what would that mean for him these days? Approval ratings soaring clear up into the upper 30s?), using the body of Zarqawi as a grisly surfboard. But, he sternly warns us, although everything's all better, we must still realize that more "sacker-fices" are required.

Does this mean the First Twins are about to don the uniform?

Yeah, well, maybe not. Still, though, I've heard that every time (or is that "ever time") Jenna does Da Butt Dance, she dedicates it to The Troops. So, she's Supporting the Troops. She's already sacker-ficin'. And that's the main thing, isn't it?

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lemming said...

Dear B -

Shush. To critique even Jenna's dance moves is to be unpatriotic. We are just voters..