Thursday, June 08, 2006

Free Advice For the Wee Emperor

So: the Imperial legions have killed ... well, not Hannibal, exactly, but what was billed as a high-ranking Carthaginian. I'm sure that the "insurgency" is now over with.

Unless it's not.

Free advice for Generalissimo El Supremo Jorge Boosh: declare victory and leave -- right the hell now. Redefine the mission. You've done that enough times; you should be good at it by now. The Empire invaded Iraq in order to kill the antichrist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. That was the mission all along. "Mission accomplished." Now call the legions back to Rome, before some more of them actually get caught using their M-16s to win the hearts and minds, and other anatomical regions, of Iraqi toddlers, their pregnant moms, and their lame-legged grandpas.

It's your big chance, Decider! But it's time-critical. Get it done now!

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