Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good Timing

So, I set an appointment with my dentist about five months ago for my annual checkup/cleaning ("annual" because I don't grow any placque, not to speak of). The appointment's tomorrow morning at 8:00. I completely forgot about it, but the office called a couple of days ago to remind me, so that's good. I'm planning to go there in the morning, before work. So, I'm eating supper tonight, and all of a sudden, the piece of bread I'm chewing on has something hard in it. Two somethings-hard. Yeppers, it's a crown, most of which has broken and come off. I have four of them. Or I should say, I have about 3.2 of them, soon to be four again, I'd guess.

No political significance ... just better timing than usual, that's all.

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