Saturday, June 03, 2006

Are We There Yet, Daddy?

Charley Reese, posted at
President Bush teared up on Memorial Day and said we must complete the mission in Iraq to honor the 18,000 wounded and 2,400-plus dead.

Well, I have a question. What is the mission?

Is it to overthrow Saddam Hussein? He's been overthrown and is awaiting execution by a kangaroo court we selected to do the hit.

Is it to allow the Iraqi people to hold elections? They've held three elections – one for an interim government, one for a Constitution, and one for a permanent government, which is now in place except for two Cabinet positions.
[Emphasis added.]

The keyboard warriors here in the States -- even, or especially, the war supporters who now affect to be scandalized that the war hasn't been well-managed -- often fault il Duce for not having an "exit strategy." And they're right as far as they go -- that's not good. What's worse, though, is what Mr. Reese brings up: the lack of an exit criterion. Yes, I know, we've all heard about standing down as Iraqis stand up. But, judging from the fortress "embassy" being built, and the permanent bases we hear about, it doesn't sound as if any hypothetical "stand-down" being contemplated by Chimpy involves any exit, exactly.

The entire article is well worth your while.

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