Friday, November 11, 2005

Lying Whom Into War?

I see where Dear Leader plans to mouth yet another oh-so-forceful campaign speech today. Campaign for what, you ask? It doesn't seem long since the Wee Emperor grunted at us all that his brief "accountability moment" had come and gone about this time last year. Why should he now feel the need to favor us, his lowly subjects, with yet another idiot's simulation of a justification? And yet, he will speak, we're told, to a (no doubt carefully-screened) collection of subjects in Pennsylvania, about the dastardly slurs being cast upon him by "some Democratic leaders." By the time you read this, Dear Leader's masterful oration will no doubt be over, and we'll be spared his squinting visage and truculent-moron delivery for another day or two.

But those "Democratic leaders" ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves too, as should a large, large majority of the American people. No doubt, Bush and his handlers were quite willing to "lie us into war" with Iraq. No doubt, they told all the lies they could toward that end. But one has to ask: what lying was needed to get the dear American pee-pul to buy into invading Iraq, back in those heady days in early 2003? Let's face it: America was high on bloodlust and commercial jingoism (Toby Keith, anyone? "Shock and Y'all?"), and didn't care in the least whether Saddam Hussein had a few crates of chemical artillery shells sitting around or not. No, we were the World's Only Superpower, and we were too busy sending each other cheesy e-mail humor about how those poor stupid towelheads were going to be dining on bombs-bombs-bombs to be judiciously weighing the provenance and credibility of the WMD "intelligence." I'm faintly tempted (very faintly) to sympathize with George Dubya Slowpuppy about how he's now being scapegoated by war cheerleaders who were very, very much on the bandwagon a few years back. On second thought, screw him. But the scapegoaters ought to bear their own guilt. As should everybody who ever Supported The War and Supported The Troops in any form or fashion. How about we support the victims, instead?

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