Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The advantage of infrequent posting ...

... is that you can be gone for a few days, and probably nobody notices. But in case anyone wonders, I'll be camped out with the boys from the day job this weekend. And assuming that no one brings along a notebook machine with some sort of wireless connectivity, I shall certainly be silent until Sunday late, at least.

Have fun -- I plan to!


lemming said...

Have a wonderful time - hope you'll be someplace restful.

The redheaded one said...

I take it this is your trip you mentioned before? Have a wonderful trip...and, I for one, usually notice when you're gone.

See ya later!!

Bartleby said...

Lemming -- it was delightful, thank you. Post on the subject forthcoming shortly.

The Readheaded One -- can it really be you? Do you live in the Seattle area?

the readheaded one said...

Yep, it's me :-) I seem to find ya everywhere ya go LOL

Of course, the link helped :-)

Bartleby said...

"Readheaded" One: Sorry about the typo. I really do know that "red" is spelled R-E-D, but I guess my pudgy little fingers don't know.

If you still have the "boo-boo" address, you have e-mail. If not, I still have my same address -- drop me a note!

It's very good to "see" you here.