Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Evil Saddam Used Chemical Weapons Against Iraqis

Certainly, the U.S., God's own chosen nation, never used any chemical weapons against Iraqis.

Oh, wait, maybe we did.

But obviously, we didn't use WP on any civilians. Just insurgents.

What do you want to bet that it turns out that any and every burnt-up Fallujan is defined, for purposes of the Holy War on Terror, as an "insurgent?" Even if they look like old grandpaws and grannies and little kids. That accursed insurgency and its devilish recruiting practices!

By the way, we do not torture, either, in those black facilities we've been hearing about. This forceful statement from Dear Leader is no doubt true -- assuming you're using the correct definition of "torture." Torture is what Saddam and his operatives did. What we do is coercive interrogation. Not the same thing at all.

Well, that's all cleared up, then. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. If you know what's good for you, that is.


Craig said...

I saw an interview with a former Army interrogator yesterday. For some reason he was part of the "clean up" crew in Falljah, and part of his job was classifying bodies. He claimed if a copy of the Koran was found on a body, and it was printed in a country other than Iraq, that was grounds to classify the body as a "foreign fighter."

He said he didn't know anything about the phosphorous, but he did talk about seeing many burned bodies.

Grace said...

Very reassuring: First the State Department denies that the substance was used, other officials deny that it was used as an incendiary weapon, and then they all agree that only non-civilians were intentionally burned with the stuff.

lemming said...


He makes teaching the Civil War ever more complicated and confusing....