Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Colbert Rapport

Ordinarily, I have very little use for Mr. Colbert. Like his fraternal twin on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, he's one of the many snarky proggies who can't bring themselves to condemn Peace Laureate Obama for continuing the warmongering and corporate harlotry of the Bush administrations without even the slightest breach of continuity. Pretentious partisan hacks, in other words. Still, I regard it as a good thing that Stevie C. "testified" in character before a sorry collection of Congressional buffoons last week. Some say Stevie's performance was an affront to the dignity of our great national legislature. Obviously, that's not true; what can possibly constitute an offense to a dignity that doesn't exist? This was just a matter of one clown performing for others. This is like Jesse "the Body" Ventura being elected to a state governorship: it shows, for those with eyes to see, how idiotic our governance really is. Hooray, say I, for all such demonstrations.


Anonymous said...

The legislature is just following Obama's lead: don't disagree, don't mock. Instead, bow low and lick my boots and maybe, just maybe, we'll give you some of your own money back.

Jim Wetzel said...

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Congressional committee's boot stamping on a Stevie Colbert's face — forever."

Debbie H. said...

"one clown performing for others"

Yeah. :)