Thursday, September 02, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story

Click here to see it. If you've got a minute, read the piece; it's not long, and Mrs. Kwiatkowski's always worth reading. If you're in a hurry, just scroll down to the picture.

A picture of what? Well, it's a picture of your country, O Fellow Americanos, in this brave new century. And it's a very concise refutation of the notion that Obama I differs in any significant way from Bush II ... something that blue-jersey and red-jersey players both love to assert. And it's a useful thing to contemplate as quickly-increasing swarms of economic chickens settle in, having returned to their home at sunset.

Go ahead -- have a look.


Anonymous said...

An incredible chart. As I read her article, I played a little what if.

What if, by some miracle, we reverse our empire-building policy?

What if, suddenly, the military industrial complex and the military itself, is no longer fed?

We would have who-knows-how-many-vets-with-guns on the street with no jobs, and obviously the durable goods jobs are history, as well.

Herein lies the biggest danger in letting the government control jobs and contracts. Well ... after killing civilians, but we don't seem to care about that anymore.

Mimi said...

That article and those charts made me gasp. What were we thinking? How could we have allowed this? We're trapped, it seems, in this ever-widening gyre and the lobotimized populace parrots the "patriotic" hogwash: "fighting them there, so we don't have to...," "Freedom isn't free...," and so on and mindlessly on. I wish I knew how to get out.