Friday, October 09, 2009

Oooooh, Dyn-o-mite!

Well, I see where Pres. Rainbow Brite has attained the world's ultimate participation ribbon: the Nobel Peace Prize For Not Being Dubya While Pursuing and Extending Every One of Dubya's Murderous Adventures.

In a way, I miss George the Slow. At least, when he was infesting the seat of imperial power, the Europeans didn't embarass themselves with some crap like this. I mean, Commander Flying Death Drone winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Why don't they go ahead and toss the physics prize to Dr. Gene Ray, World's Wisest Human, while they're at it?

Alfred Nobel is noted as the inventor of dynamite, and also as an armaments manufacturer. So, perhaps the Nobel Committee simply decides, every so often, to confer the big prize on the most profligate user of explosives and the associated paraphernalia. Still, you have to wonder: what would they have given the O-bomber if we had actually ceased our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and if we weren't flying automated terror strikes into Pakistan, and if we weren't issuing hamfisted threats against most of the rest of the world? The mind reels.


mort chien said...

Where did you every find "doctor" Ray? And why?


Jim Wetzel said...

Hi, Mort!

I don't remember how I first encountered the Time Cube -- it's been online, fizzing and popping and foaming at the mouth, for years and years. Clearly, someone must have provided me with a link.

I've found it convenient, from time to time, as a symbol of aggressive incoherence and crackpottery-on-steroids ... and, I'm ashamed to say, as a way of insulting opponents in online debates. When an opponent seems impervious to sweet reason, I've sometimes provided a Time Cube link in a statement like, "here, I know you'll enjoy this -- it's right up your alley." Ugly and unworthy, I know -- but kind of fun.